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15W7AH Solar Power System



1) Solar panel:    15W18V
2) Battery:           12V7AH

3) Controller:      12V3A

4) Solar input:     18V

5) DC output voltage: 5V+12V

6) Output ports: 5 (1 USB port, 4 DC ports)

USB output voltage: 5V

USB output current: 1.5A

DC working current: 12V

DC working current: 3A



1) 4 LED lamps of 12V3W, each with lamp holder and 5 meter lamp switch wire

2) Line of 10 meters long solar panel

3) USB phone adapter

4) 5 mobile phone adapters
5) one manual

1)  12V DC LED lights, DC TV, DC fan, etc.

2) Mobile phone, digital camera, MP3/MP4/MP5/GPS/PDA charging.


Solar Power Generation System

Battery Capacity              –           6(AH)
Model                                –           JR – L80C
Host Output Capacity      –           22(W)
Output Frequency            –           50(HZ)
The Output Voultage        –           307(V)
it is ideal for studying, working, camping, travelling and relaxing.
With USB power bank function:  USB ports for charging ipad, phone and other kits.
With bulb output socket:
With fuse protection function: maintenance-free storage battery, over charge, over discharge, and short circuit protection