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Anti-Theft Alarm Door Stop Device


Most security products on the market today will only alert you after the intruder has entered. This device will not only activate an alarm but will prevent unwanted intruders from entering. If an intruder attempt to enter, the alarm will sound and the unit will wedge underneath the door.

The wedge shaped design and non- skid pad on the bottom of the unit will prevent the door from opening. Place the unit in the floor below the door knob with the lower end of the unit under the door. Move the switch located on the back of the unit under the door to the ON position.

If the door is opened it will shake the metal plate preventing the door from opening and activate the alarm. The super door stop alarm is also equipped with a movement sensor which will activate the alarm of the unit is moved. A sensitivity switch allows you to adjust the amount of movement required to set off the alarm. You may close the High (H) Medium (M) and the Low (L) sensitive.


Cloth Drying Machine


Dry clothes quickly and efficiently from anywhere. Its easy to assemble and just plug in to operate. If you are stuck with loads of laundry and without a dryer, this Weekend portable dryer is for you. Instead of hanging on clotheslines and checking every 5 minutes if it dropped or covering every exposed inch of your house with clothing that cannot go in the tumble dryer, you have a perfect solution.

Are you living in high rise building where hardly exposed to daily sunlight. With the escalating of living cost, more and more people are apt for high rise building with smaller space, and usually without dry area or you’re ready for a special occasion only to discover that the attire you require are still wet, and it’s impossible for you to make it quickly dry. With your Cloth Drying Machine at home you can get all this solve faster and easier.

Dry your cloth faster and stress free at the comfort of your home. Even as a laundryman this Cloth drying machine enables you to meet up with your customers expectations and it is also pocket friendly.


Product Electrical Description Power : 800W Voltage ( V ) : 220v-240v Frequency ( Hz ) : 50HZ.


Surveillance Dummy Camera



Home Office Security Alarm • Solar Power Camera • CCTV Cameras • Security Camera • home security cameras • Dummy Cameras.


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