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Advanced Teeth Gum Whitening Strips


As we age, our teeth may not look as white and vibrant as they once did. Teeth can yellow for a number of reasons, ranging from a lack of dental hygiene to drinking certain beverages that can stain the teeth, such as wine or tea. Whitening strips can help undo some of this yellowing, regardless of what caused it

Teeth Whitening Strip uses the safest whitening ingredients to help keep your teeth healthy and white.
Whiten your teeth and gain more confident
14 pouches, each with 1 upper(Longer One) and 1 lower strip(Shorter One), 28 strips in total
Size of the longer: approx. 7.5 x 1.5 cm
Size of the shorter: approx. 5.5 x 1.3 cm


  • Content in 1 Total Pack 28 Tooth Whitening mint Flavour Strips ( 14 sachets ) 14 top and 14 lower
  • Gel Kind non peroxide strips
  • Use 30 minutes each day
  • Use Features Promote 5-10 shades after 2 weeks
  • Double Elastic Gel Strips
  • Features Package Total Detailed Usage Instructions
  • Enamel safe
  • Simple to use
  • Minty flavour
  • Sealed by foil handbag

What’s in the box

  • 28 pieces white strips in a single box.
  • one manual utilization guide.
  • one paper color guide

Kindly note that some difficult darker stains may naturally require longer treatment than some milder stains, depending on your teeth and type of staining, result may vary.


  • For pregnant women and children younger than 12 years, the product is not recommended.
  • People with canker sores, gum injury or letztlicher oral surgery should not use the product.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. When accidental contact, wash the eye with water immediately.

How to use
Each Pack come with a Comprehensive note on how to use the package.

Brush Teeth. Open one’s teeth whitening strip packet. Take away the smaller strip with dried out clean fingers. Tear off the strip from the backing liner.

Searching in a mirror match lower strip-using sticky gel part against your teeth. Fall into line with advantage of gum and use gentle pressure to one’s teeth. Fold staying strip behind tooth to help keep set up. Repeat with top strip.

After 20-30minutes, peel from the lime strip and get rid of safely. Rinse mouth area with water.



Anti Snoring Wristband Watch Stopper.


Smooth pulse without disturbing normal sleep.
Automatically detects snores.
Not affected if any buttons pressed while sleeping.
Automatic power-off after 8 hours of activation.
Fashionable watch-shaped design.
Drug-free, non-invasive treatment.
Compact size for easy storage and portable.
The specially designed bio-sensor of snore stopper can detect and distinguish loud snores.
When three consecutive loud snores are detected it sends out a very gentle electrical wave to the snorer light it does not wake the snorer but rather makes the snorer reflexively stop, like being nudged by a partner


Dexe 2 in 1 Anti hair loss / Hair Regrowth Lotion


DEXE anti-hair loss morning and evening helps hair growth and also prevents hair breakage. It Reduces hair loss through the use of plant tincture and plant extracts, helps open up the nutrition follicle growth hormone and promote hair regrowth. it can effectively improve the appearance of the hair and it nourishes the scalp.
Ingredients: Polygonum , fresh white root , Panax, tea tree oil, old ginger, Oriental Arborvitae. How to use: 1.   Apply the hair nurturing lotion twice daily – day use (white bottle) and night use (black bottle).        About a drop or two, about 5mls per application, two times a day – in the morning and at night. 2.   Using the suction drip, place a drop or two on receding hair line or sparse area and dab with brush provided.


Generic Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor .


Generic Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Tonometer Blood Pressure Meter Heart Beat Rate Tonometer With Voice Function Sphygmomanometer.


Key Features

·  Double group 99 memory

·  IHB heart rate test .WHO blood pressure classification

·  Smart pressurized.

·  With voice function

·  Voltage and power detection.

Automatic Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Tonometer Blood Pressure Meter Heart Beat Rate Tonometer With voice function Sphygmomanometer.


Pasjel Stretch Mark and Scars Removal


For skin, legs , abdomen stretch marks, skin redness due to obesity pattern caused by obesity . Usage: 1-2 times


Pedi Spin Callus & Dry Skin Remover.


Keep your heels in baby-soft condition with Pedispin Callus Remover Safe and gently for delicate skin     Smooth your feet anytime, anywhere     Dual speeds are perfect for rough, dry areas and tough calluses Enjoy the feel of smooth, silky feet. Instantly remove dry, rough skin and eliminate calluses with the Pedi Spin. The gentle abrasion works with dual speeds to cover heels, soles, and toes. Strong enough to effect tough skin but gentle enough for delicate areas.


Slimming Tea + Free Delivery Nationwide

  • Slimex Slimming Tea is a detox and a weight loss tea that really works. The benefits of taking this special and very effective tea are as follows :
  • it burns fat,Lipdis &Carbohydrates.
  • Reduces  pot belly / under arm fat
  • Gives Trim/ shapely / Smart looks
  • Detoxifying and cleansing Tea
  • Relieves Bloating /Aids Digestion /metabolism.
  • useful in hypertension / Oedema
  • It increases bowl movement which in turn purges out waste products and high in antioxidants.
  • Reliefs fatigue and hydrates the body.